About Us

Ridgerunner Traditional Archery is a business for archers, by an archer.  Rod Seals, founder and owner, first became passionate about traditional archery in 1992.  He was introduced to it while visiting a friend in Montana who had spent a couple of years hunting with a compound and invited Rod to try traditional archery with him.   This friend moved to Oregon soon after that visit, and they began shooting recurves.   They used aluminum arrows in the beginning, not giving any thought to using wooden.  Rod's interest in archery grew, and he got to know other archers at local ranges.  One day, Rod had a conversation with a fellow archer and mentioned his dislike for the wooden arrows he had tried (and had ended up using for garden stakes). A week or so later, this same fellow archer gave Rod four Port Orford cedar arrows to try.   He had made them himself.

“Shoot them for a month,” he said.  “If you don't like them, then give them away, use them for garden stakes, or break them up and use them in your closets to keep the moths away.”

The next time Rod saw this craftsman, he had plenty of questions to ask about components, equipment, and anything else to do with making arrows!  Like any craft, there's a learning curve.   Rod slowly began experimenting with methods and materials, making arrows just for friends, fellow hunters, and family, and occasionally to donate for raffle items at various shoots.   He would frequently be asked if he sold his arrows, and for a long time the answer was simply that he got a great deal of satisfaction from sharing them.  After several years of refining his methods and encouraged by his wife and son to take the next step with this pursuit of passion, Ridgerunner Traditional Archery was launched.

Archery is more than a skill-based outdoor activity.  It is something anyone can learn, practice and enjoy.   It is one of those rare activities that families can do together, combining healthy and equal parts of social engagement, encouragement and competition.   Rod's son grew up knowing archery; it is an important part of the bond they have as father and son, and now that Jared is grown, as fellow archers.   It is an excellent activity for youth and parents alike!

Maybe you're on this site as a seasoned hunter or competitor.  Maybe you're just getting into archery and have questions about what arrows work best for you.  Or maybe you're in between, and you love the sport and do it as often as your time allows.  Whatever the case, Rod looks forward to hearing from you, one archer to another.

Ridgerunner Traditional Archery