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Arrow Pricing

On this page you will find specifications for the arrows we design, as well as available options.  Pricing is listed for most items, but for a few we need to hear your specific needs first.  What you won't find on this page is a tab to click or a quantity to fill in - this page is provide you with the base information to start our conversation about our products and your needs. Ridgerunner's core philosophy is real, genuine customer service.   You deserve our attention to your order, and that can't be achieved through an impersonal form that you fill out and click a couple of buttons to send into the unknown that is today's internet shopping mall.  That system is perfect for buying a book, a CD or a similarly mass-produced product.  Because we make specialized arrows, and you have your own experiences and expectations, we want to communicate directly with you about your order, person to person.

We use top-quality products with our arrows, such as shafts made with Douglas fir by Surewood Shafts.   Contact us, and let's work on building your custom arrows.   Your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours!

All pricing is per dozen unless noted.

Basic arrow $65.00
( 3 X 5 fletch , cut to length , tapered for point )
Complete fu flu arrows $34.00 per 6
( 4 fletch X 4 with field points)
Complete kids arrows $2.25 each
( Under 30# spine)
Field points add $5.00
(Varity of weights to select from.)
4 fletch 4 add $5.00
Crown dip add $8.00
Cresting contact for quote
Additional requests contact for quote
Test Packs $5.00 per arrow
(to help determine proper arrow spine)
Mount Broadheads $5.00 per dozen
(You supply - more if I supply)
Optional - Scorched Camo finish No Charge

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